New Experience #38: Played Bocce

played bocceI knew I had to teach my children how to play bocce when I took them to a local park and they thought the bocce courts were over-sized sand boxes.

I couldn’t let such a misunderstanding persist and call myself a proud Italian-American.  I felt a strong need to pass on the knowledge of a game that is part of our heritage. As a child, I grew up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood.  My family bought fresh raviolis and Italian bread on Sundays, we pronounced mozzarella like “muts-ah-DELL”, and we knew all the curse words in Italian.

As I get older, I feel myself losing touch with that heritage.  I am ashamed to admit I buy tomato sauce in a jar and rarely use Italian words (especially curses) in front of my children.

bocceTeaching Luke and Leah how to play bocce was just a small gesture toward remembering our Italian heritage.

It was a beautiful afternoon when we played, and the kids were excited to go to the park. They played on the playground for a while before they were ready to play the game.

The rules are pretty easy.  One person throws the pallino (small ball) down the court.  Then two teams attempt to throw their bocce balls as close to the pallino as possible.  The team who has a ball closest to the pallino is the winner. Both kids noticed it is a lot like bowling with a fun twist.  Players can knock the other team’s ball out of the way.  There may be other rules involved, but I taught the kids the way I learned to play.

We played three rounds and had a lot of fun.  I know we’ll definitely play again the next time we visit the park with the bocce courts.

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7 Responses to New Experience #38: Played Bocce

  1. I enjoyed your post. I recently retired from teaching and you would not believe how many children do not know how to play the “old games.” I and fellow teachers would laugh when the kids would get so excited about British Bulldog…and yes, Mother May I. You are right about losing our heritage…but I think we are losing our ability to play games, other than electronic.

    I know your children will have fond memories of you passing down your heritage.

  2. I didn’t realize there were oversized sand boxes for such a thing, I just remember playing bocce ball in my Aunt’s backyard and loved it. I’m glad your children enjoyed it!

    • 52BrandNew says:

      Bocce is fun to play in the backyard, but the pros (and little old Italian men) play in courts– mostly in public parks. I think we’ll also play more often in the backyard. Much more convenient!

  3. 4l1c says:

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  4. Miriam says:

    Thanks for sharing this! We have a lovely new park near our home, and I also wondered what those “oversized sand boxes” were! They’re for bocce! Now I want to get a set and learn how to play. It’s weird to feel like our ties to another culture are dying out… I’m Finnish-American, my parents spoke Finnish, all their friends were Finnish, and it was part of my world growing up. But my kids don’t know much about it, and sometimes it makes me feel sad that it won’t continue to be part of their heritage.

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