New Experience #32: Walked on Eggshells

walking on eggsThis was a super short, super easy new experience that the kids loved.  We walked across 5 dozen uncooked eggs! I found the idea on Pinterest, and it led me to Housing a Forest, a fabulous blog with lots of experiments and activities to try with school-aged kids.

To prepare for this experience, I bought 6 dozen eggs at the grocery store.  To save time while I was carrying the bags in from the car, I put a dozen eggs on top of a full bag of groceries.  What a mistake!  The bag tipped over as I placed it on the kitchen floor, cracking 6 of the eggs.  It took nearly an hour to clean off the groceries and the floor.

walking on eggshellsWith this mess in mind, I made sure we conducted the experiment outdoors.  The kids thought that walking on eggs sounded like a bizarre thing to try.  I asked them what they expected would happen.  Both of them were afraid that the eggs would break and they would have gooey egg all over their feet.

We brainstormed ways to walk across the eggs:  slowly, quickly, on tip-toes, on flat feet, with shoes, and without shoes.  The kids decided that walking slowly without shoes would probably give the best result.

They argued about who was going to go first.  Usually, they both want to be the first to try something, but this time they were nervous about their feet getting dirty.  Somehow they decided that Leah would try it first.

broken egg shellsShe walked very carefully and broke just one egg as she lost her balance.  Luke gave it a try.  He also broke one egg as gingerly walked down our little path of eggs.  They both quickly realized that when their weight wasn’t evenly distributed, an egg would break.

I planned to discuss the meaning of the term “walking on eggshells” and hoped to explain that the egg is incredibly strong because of its shape, but the kids were too busy walking back and forth on the eggs.  They each tried it about 3 or 4 times.

So, our simple little experiment was a success even if there wasn’t as much learning as I had planned.

Now I’m off to make another batch of egg salad!

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  1. Just found your blog and I think your idea is wonderful. This egg thing sounds like fun and such a simple idea. You’ve inspired me to try new things with my kids!

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