New Experience #27: Messy Play Date

messy play date I love Pinterest.  Really, I do.  I’ve found great recipes, creative decorating ideas, and cute activities to do with the kids.

There is just one tiny little problem with the entire site.  It makes me feel so inadequate. I’m a lazy cook and not about to make any recipe that requires more than 15 ingredients. I’m not handy around the house, so the fabulous DIY laundry room cabinet I pinned is not going to happen in this lifetime.

While I never felt like a good cook or decorator, I used to feel like I was a good mom… until Pinterest showed me that I could do a lot better.

Before Pinterest, I had never even considered that there were “25 Ways to Have Fun in the Sprinkler”.  I had been patting myself on the back just for turning the darn thing on!  I also had no idea that moms planned activities for playdates.  I just invited friends over to play and considered it a success if no one went home crying.

I am a big proponent of letting children play on their own and not planning activities for them to do with their friends.  After all, I am a mom- not a cruise director.  But, I kept seeing all these super messy play ideas on Pinterest, and they looked like so much fun. I thought it might be fun to have a Super Messy Play Date as New Experience #27.

Since I hadn’t completely lost my mind, I planned the play date to be outdoors.  Four children were joining us to for messy play. The only problem was that we were experiencing a heat wave.  The heat index was 110 degrees, so I set up the Slip and Slide as well as a bucket of water with giant sponges to play.

oobleck kidsI set up a few stations for the kids to play with:  Colored spaghetti, Oobleck (green goo), “Clean Mud”, and shaving cream.  I showed the kids all the things they could play with.

They were most interested in the Slip and Slide and the bucket of water.  Who could blame them?  I figured they would be interested in the “messy” part after they had cooled off.  The other moms and I chatted while the kids played happily.

After a while, I reminded them that there were lots of other things they could do.  The girls came to play with the shaving cream, but the boys continued slipping and sliding.

I brought out a dessert of  “Dirt Cups”, which is chocolate pudding, smashed Oreos, and gummy worms on top.  Everyone enjoyed it, and before they finished, I reminded them about the messy things they could do.

Luke was not very interested at all, so I decided to throw some spaghetti on his head for being a bad sport. That started a spaghetti fight and the kids threw the spaghetti at each other as they played chase.  The teacher in me wanted to tell them that this was not the way I had intended them to play with the spaghetti, but they were laughing and having fun.  I didn’t intervene until someone started crying, which is usually how I run play dates.

Within a few minutes, the boys were back on the Slip and Slide.  The spaghetti fight was over, and they seemed done with the messy play.  The girls spent some time with the Oobleck and the “Clean Mud” before playing with the bucket of water.

Everyone had a fabulous time, even though the “messy” part of the play date was not the most exciting part.

Now I can rest easy knowing that the kids really don’t need 25 ways to play in the sprinkler or activities I spend hours creating.  A fun play date only requires a good friend.

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  1. Balvah says:

    Great observation. Kids will always figure out what they want to do.

  2. We had a blast!!! Thanks for such a great day =)

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