New Experience #24: Made Our Own Bouncy Balls

bouncy ballsTwo things my New Experience project has taught me is to be more flexible and to think quickly on my feet.  When our plan for New Experience #24 was sidelined due to the ridiculous amount of rain we have had this week, I needed to come up with another idea quickly.

I looked on my Pinterest boards for something that we could do indoors with things I have around the house.  I found this link to Kids Activity Blog’s DIY For Kids (Make a Bouncy Ball) and thought it looked like the perfect activity for a rainy day.

The kids really enjoy science experiments, and Leah loves crafts.  This project was a mix of the two, so they were excited to get started.  The directions were easy to follow, and the kids measured, poured, and mixed the ingredients on their own.

When we were done, we tested our bouncy balls.  Sadly, they were not nearly as bouncy as the balls we have gotten from gumball machines.  When dropped, they would bounce about one foot in the air.  Leah looked on the bright side and said, “Well, they are not too bouncy, but they ARE balls!”

bouncy ball gameSo, we set up a  game of plastic cups and the kids took turns sliding them down the hallway and knocking down the cups.  My kids are really good at inventing games and having fun with the simplest toys.

The bounce balls were not a total success, but the kids had a novel activity on a rainy summer day.  Once again, the process turned out to be more fun than the result!


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5 Responses to New Experience #24: Made Our Own Bouncy Balls

  1. This is such an awesome way to spend the rainy afternoons we’ve been getting lately! Looking forward to bouncing some balls!

  2. My little guy has been a bouncy ball kick, perhaps we will have to make our own! I’m sure you’ve been nominated for the very inspiring blogger award before, but I’m nominating you again. Check this post out for details: 🙂

  3. Your house never seems short of a new venture…though I know there are tough times, and faces, that don’t make it on here. Better to remember the happy times. Thanks for sharing! And now you have another new experience to do when the weather clears!

    • 52BrandNew says:

      Thanks! You are right– my life is not all hearts and flowers, but this blog is all about my attempt to bring a little weekly adventure to our lives. I write honestly, but you only see a tiny slice of our very busy, very complicated lives!

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