New Experience #12: Frisbee Golf

Disc GolfA few weeks ago, I had heard someone mention that they took their children to play frisbee golf at a course in a park by their house.  When I was a kid, we played Frisbee golf in gym class.  Since I was never athletic as a child, I always looked forward to Frisbee golf days.  All we had to do was hit a pole or tree with a frisbee.  Really, there could not be an easier game.

So, I thought it was odd that the person took their child to a course to do this.  Couldn’t they just throw Frisbee at a tree in their own backyard?

Oh, how naive I was.  Apparently, Frisbee Golf has come a long way since I played it circa 1985.  There are now courses with pars and baskets and lots of rules.  If you don’t believe me, check out this Wikipedia article about Disc Golf.  See, they even call it something official sounding:  “Disc” Golf.  If the name is not official enough, there is even a Professional Disc Golf Association that makes rules and governs tournaments.

disc golfSince Frisbee Golf is a legitimate sport now, I thought we’d give it a try as New Experience #12.  I found a beautiful course in Chimney Rock Park in Bridgewater, New Jersey.  We arrived with our dollar store Frisbees and were ready to go.

There was another group of golfers on the course.  They were very serious about their Disc Golf, and I had to try not to laugh.  I suppose you can get competitive with just about anything, but being competitive about Frisbee Gold seems so silly to me.

The kids were excited to get started despite the cold weather and biting wind.  Our Frisbees were lightweight and easily carried by the wind, but we didn’t mind.  Each basket was 300-400 feet away from the starting point, so we had lots of opportunities to throw our Frisbees.

Disc Golf 2The kids made up their own rules.  Whoever threw their Frisbee the furthest had to wait for the others to catch up before that player could go again.  If a Frisbee went into the woods, everyone had to help look for it.  And, my favorite rule: if you are the first one to get your disc into the basket, your job is to hand the Frisbees back to everyone.

Luke can be a stickler for the rules, and Leah likes to break them.  So, I was part player, part referee for the game.  Luckily, we had lots of funny moments as well.  As we walked from one basket to the next, the kids sang funny songs and tried to make each other laugh with goofy faces and body parts humor.  I didn’t find it funny, but I admire my children’s ability to laugh at the most ridiculous things.

Our game took less than 45 minutes.  If it were a sunnier day, we probably would have played again.  Instead, I promised we’d go back again soon.  Luke said New Experience #12 was his favorite one this year!

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  1. I don’ think this sport ever made it to Europe- fascinating!

  2. Yay…I knew I had a post to match this one.
    I was surprised when I learned of a new that shows I still can’t throw and that my dog likes chasing more than just balls. And having fun, even ridiculously, is what it’s all about!

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