New Experience #9: Pie Eating Contest

pie eating contest kidsSome of our New Experiences are designed to teach my children about science or math or another important subject.  New Experience #9 was not.  Entering a Pie Eating Contest can only be classified as silly fun.

Now, technically, I could have infused some learning into the experience.  The contest was part of Princeton’s Pi Day celebration, one of the nerdiest and silliest celebrations I’ve ever attended.  Albert Einstein was one of Princeton’s most famous residents, and his birthday just happens to be March 14, or 3/14, which is the numeric equivalent of pi.  So, the celebration is all about Einstein and pi.  They just (literally) throw in a few pies to make Pi Day a bit more festive.

Since my children have no understanding of pi, and frankly, my understanding of it is pretty limited, I just told them we were going to a Pie Eating Contest.  They can figure out the circumference of a circle and the infinite quality of pi in math class one day.  I’m pretty confident that I can be a good mom without teaching that right now.

kids pie eating contestBack to the Pie Eating Contest:  Luke and Leah were embarrassed when I pretended to be a competitive mom and told the judges I hadn’t fed my kids for three days in preparation for the contest.  So, I promised to stay quiet after that.  I told the kids I needed them to focus on the pie, not their embarrassing mother.

Leah’s age group went first.  They were given tiny apple pies and told to keep their hands behind their backs for the entire 2 minutes of the contest.  Leah dove right in while Luke cheered loudly.  She didn’t mind getting messy, and ate most of the miniature pie in the designated time.  I won’t brag, but she might have been a contender if they were awarding prizes.

before pie eatingLuke’s age group went next.  Since they were strapping children of ages 7 through 10, they were given slightly larger pies with a crumb topping.  Luke was excited to compete, but he was concerned about getting pie on his glasses.  Leah happily came to his rescue and held his glasses for him.

As the contest started, Leah and I cheered while Luke slowly nibbled around the edges of his pie.  I could hardly cheer through my incredulous laughter.  Luke is generally a very messy eater.  He is my child who leaves crumbs around his plate and under his seat every single time he eats.   I often have to remind him to use silverware.  I know if he has eaten yogurt for lunch because his shirt usually large blotches on it afterwards.

After the Pie Eating ContestYet during the Pie Eating Contest, Luke never put his face in the pie.  He nibbled the crust for a full two minutes.  When time was up, his pie looked uneaten, and his face was totally clean.  If they were giving prizes for the neatest face, Luke would have won hands down.

pie after the contestI disappointed my children by refraining to enter the adult division.  Normally, I am game for just about anything.  However, my appetite was gone after watching the younger divisions go.  Once I watched the adult division, I knew I made the right choice.  It was a truly nauseating sight.  I am pretty sure I can lead a long life and never regret my decision to forgo the contest.

As we watched the adults devour a full-sized pie in under two minutes, Luke ate some of his pie with a fork.  He said, “You know, Mom, I think this contest was worth it.  We got free pie.”

True.  There are few things more satisfying in life than free pie.

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8 Responses to New Experience #9: Pie Eating Contest

  1. alison41 says:

    We all need more fun in our lives – enjoyed this post.

  2. TBM says:

    Silly fun is needed in such a serious world. I’m glad they had fun. I may have eaten like Luke though. I’m a messy eater, but not sure about getting that messy 🙂

    • 52BrandNew says:

      I thought the way Luke ate the pie was funny, but I have to admit I’d be the same way. I love to eat, but diving in head first does not look appetizing!

  3. ginapoet says:

    Fun post and what a fun idea for a blog! Thank you for sharing.

  4. nrhatch says:

    I expect that I would be a “nibble around the edges” pie eating participant, like Luke.

    I have an experience suggestion for you . . . making a compass with a wine cork, a bowl of water, and a pin or needle that you have to magnetize. Once magnetized and stuck into the floating cork, it should point due north.

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