Experiences Worth Repeating

experiences to repeatMy kids were sick over the weekend, so we had to cancel our plans for a New Experience.  They were very disappointed, but I told them we will catch up to our weekly plan by doing two New Experiences in an upcoming week.

So, we spent some time reflecting on the New Experiences we tried so far. If we had all the time in the world, we might repeat every experience.  All of them were either fun or educational.  We might even try the few that did not work out well, so we could improve upon them.  But, time is always in short supply, so here is the list of the experiences we have either done more than once already or have definite plans to try again in the near future:

Lowes Build and Grow  This was one of our first New Experiences.  I had a REALLY hard time with the project, but the kids practically begged me to take them back.  I have learned that if you have one adult to one child, these free projects are a lot of fun.  I think we have at least 6 of them on our shelves now!

Ice Skating  We’ve tried it one additional time since the first time, and the kids have gotten much better.  In fact, I am now confident enough in their abilities that I don’t think I need to drag another adult along the next time we go.  It’s a fun family activity!

Volunteer at the Food Pantry  My children and I really enjoy volunteering at our local food pantry.  The kids are able to do meaningful volunteer work as they empty bags and stock the shelves with cans and boxes.  I am always proud of my children, but when I see how excited they are to help others in need, it warms my heart.

collecting rocksRock Collection  We started our collections as one of our New Experiences and have collected more rocks our various hikes.  At this pace, we may need to replace our shoe boxes filled with rocks with refrigerator boxes in a few months!

Kids’ Fun Run  My children love to run, and I love to encourage healthy activities.  So, we will definitely participate in a local Kids’ Fun Run in May.  I think we may even do more than one Fun Run this year!

Lemonade Stand  We hosted a couple of lemonade stands over the summer, and I am quite sure we’ll host a few more next summer.  They are never very lucrative, but like the Pied Piper, a lemonade stand attracts kids.  We always give away more lemonade than we sell, and we always have fun.

Backyard Campout   If the kids had their way, we might sell our house and live in a tent.  They love camping in my parents’ backyard.  We camped out three times last summer, and  I’m sure we’ll do it again this summer.  We might even graduate to “real” camping this year!

Swam in a Lake  I really dislike swimming in lakes. Really dislike.  Okay, I’ll come right out and say it: I hate swimming in lakes.  However, my children reminded me that I promised we go back to Round Valley Reservoir. So, as an act of maternal love, we will return to the lake this summer.

Took Apart a Printer  Luke and Leah loved tinkering with a printer, so they have also taken apart a coffee pot.  That one was not as exciting, as printers have many more parts to see.  I am now on the hunt for other appliances we can take apart.

Meditation  Our little meditation mind jar has been a wonderful addition to our home. Leah likes to use it when she is bored or feeling extra emotional.  Luke doesn’t choose to use it on  his own, but he willingly uses it if I tell him I think he needs it.  It really does calm them down.  If you don’t have one, I recommend making one!


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  1. Guilezilla says:

    Get well soon! 😉

  2. TBM says:

    I hope they feel better.

  3. I hope your little discoverers are on the mend. You guys don’t seem to lose a minute, even when you’re under the waether!

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