New Experience #4: Wrote a Letter to the President

letter to the presidentLately Luke has been talking quite a bit about the president.  He is fascinated by the idea of a leader who can make laws.  I have tried to explain that creating our country’s laws is actually a very complicated process, but Luke is single-minded.  If he notices any injustice in his little world, he is quick to say, “I’m going to tell the president to make a law about this!”

So, for New Experience #4, I gave my children the opportunity to write a letter to the president.  First, we sat down and discussed the role of the president:  to lead our country, to talk to other country’s leaders, and to make laws that will help the people who live in our country.  Next, we thought of a few ideas we would like to see become laws.

I really tried to keep my opinions and ideas to myself.  If I want to raise open-minded freethinkers, I need to give my children the time and space to formulate their own thoughts.  They have certainly heard my opinions on current events, but this time I wanted the kids to lead the conversation.

One thing I learned about my children in this discussion is that they are harsh disciplinarians.  They brought up the subject of littering and thought it should be against the law.  When I told them that littering is already against the law, they wanted the president to enforce it with jail time.  Life sentences.  No chance of escape.

Once that was decided, they turned the discussion to guns.  Leah said we should have no guns in the country.  Luke told her the army needed guns.  Bombs.  Tanks.  Grenades.  Missiles.  While he was listing the many weapons the army needed, Leah revised her thinking.  She said the army could have guns, but no one else could.  I was pleased that she thought carefully about her opinion.  Luke didn’t notice.  He was still listing all the items an army needs.  Fighter jets.  Drones.  Aircraft carriers.

I somehow was able to switch the conversation back to the laws we thought the president should make.  Luke told me he already knew exactly what he was going to write about.  He wanted to keep it a secret until he was finished.

I modeled how to write a friendly letter.  The White House website states that they prefer communication via email, but Luke needs to practice his handwriting so we stuck with old-fashioned pencil and paper.

letter to presidentLuke started writing independently while I helped Leah.  I wrote her letter as she dictated to me.  I actually laughed out loud at her greeting.

“Dear Broccoli Obama…” she started.  Leah can be very sensitive, so I hoped she wouldn’t get upset at my laughter.  When I explained that the president’s name is actually Barack, she laughed, too.  “Oh, I thought he was named after a vegetable!” she giggled.

The kids asked me not to take pictures of their letters.  They want the president to be surprised when he gets them.  I’m pretty sure Obama is not following 52 Brand New, but you never know….


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14 Responses to New Experience #4: Wrote a Letter to the President

  1. You started new experiences again in 2013, how nice! That was a funny one with Broccoli 🙂 I find it very cute that they wrote letters to Mr. President. I started at elementary school when first I sent some letter to some foreign ambassadors 🙂

  2. I think the President is incredibly lucky to have citizens like this in his country. I think, in adition, that your choice of activity was inspired, and your choice to sit back and let the kids think for themselves wonderful. Great post!

  3. nakala1 says:

    Wonderful idea 🙂

  4. That’s a great idea, and Broccoli is a wonderful alternative and would maybe loosen up international communication, who knows… 😉 Please post about the pely (he does write back, with pencil and paper, right?).

  5. Guilezilla says:

    Yeah, me too, Ally. A great way to do an new experience!

  6. Vividhunter says:

    Great idea with lots of learning involved. I hope he writes back ^^

  7. Ally says:

    You never know! I would love to know what their letters are about. 🙂

    • 52BrandNew says:

      Leah wrote about guns. Let’s just say that Luke’s topic had nothing to do with current events. It is not something that the president or any other adult would ever have on a political agenda, but Luke’s idea was sweet and heartfelt.

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