The ABC’s of Trying Something New (Part 1)

ABC's of Trying Something NewWordPress just informed me that I started my blog a year ago today.  So, happy anniversary to 52 Brand New!

Today I am joining other Kid Bloggers in posting an ABC post.  I am honored to be a part of such a talented group of women!

Here is the first installment of the ABC’s of Trying Something New With Your Child.

A is for Adventure…  The best way to approach trying something new is to see it as a new adventure.  Trying new experiences should be fun!

B is for Back to Basics…  You really don’t have to pull out all the bells and whistles every time you do a new experience.  It’s amazing how many kids have never been to a zoo or sat at their very own lemonade stand.  It may seem simple to an adult, but some things we take for granted are totally new for children.

C is for Comfort Zone…  Our comfort zone is expanded every time we experience something new.  Here are a few tips for expanding your child’s comfort zone.

D is for Dirty…  Yes, you will get dirty during some new experiences.  But, trust me, the memories will be worth the extra laundry!

E is for Expectations…  Expectations are the things we need to let go.  Sometimes an experience will not go as planned, like when we made Tin Can Phones.  Sometimes they may even be better than you thought.

F is for Flow…  According to psychologists, flow is the state a person is in when he is fully immersed, fully involved, and enjoying the activity he is doing.  This comes easily to children.  Don’t ruin their flow by making them pose for pictures or by trying to turn the experience in another direction.  Instead, take a cue from the kids and go with the flow!

G is for Grow…  Many new experiences will help you and your children grow emotionally or intellectually.  In my opinion, learning from experience is the best way to enjoy learning.

H is for Holidays…  Try celebrating a holiday from another religion.  Learning about other cultures and religions helps people move from simple tolerance to true understanding.

I is for Inspiration…  You can find inspiration for new experiences anywhere.  I find my ideas online, in magazines, and from word of mouth.  Ideas are easy to come by when you are looking for them.

J is for Journey… You can stay close to home or journey far away to try a new experience.  I love trying things so much that I plan our vacations around trying something new.  Our trip to the desert was a first for my children and me.

K is for Kickstart…  This time of year, many people are thinking of ways to make the new year great.  Trying something new is a fabulous way to kickstart the year.  In 2011, I used new experiences to love life again.

L is for List…  I keep a running list of ideas for new experiences.  It comes in handy on a week when I’m short on time or inspiration.

M is for Money… You really don’t need a lot of money to try something new.  Half of our experiences last year cost next to nothing.  Take a hike, go to a program at your local library, try a science experiment at home… the possibilities for free experiences are endless.

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  1. I have taken an inspiration from u and will try the same 🙂

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    All about children post. My favourite. May I share this is my facebook?

  3. nrhatch says:

    Happy Anniversary! The best part of your experiences is that YOU are spending time with THEM. That’s always a win~win. 😀

  4. srsck says:

    Happy birthday 52 brandnew!! 🙂

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