Looking Ahead to 2013

looking ahead to 2013
I wasn’t planning on updating 52 Brand New until Sunday, but after my last post of 2012, I received many questions asking if we are going to do another round of New Experiences in 2013.

The answer is…  YES!

We are excited to begin our project again this year.  Luke is slightly irritated that we have to start back at number 1.  He thinks we should continue in order, starting the year off with New Experience #53.  I told him we could do that in private, but the blog is called 52 Brand New, so we’re going to stick with the annual count.

So, how will we find another 52 new things to try?  That’s the easy part.  Check out FAQ #1 for more information.  I still have a list of 38 things we never got around to in 2012, so we will start there.  Finding more experiences will not be an obstacle for us.

The challenge will be in finding the time to do the New Experiences.  I recently went back to work, teaching 4th and 5th grade basic skills.  I love my job, but working really does cut into my free time!  However, spending time with Luke and Leah will always be a priority in my life.  No matter how busy I am, taking a few minutes or a few hours to try something new is a wonderful way to share our time together.  In a way, now that we have less time to spend together, our New Experiences project is more important than ever.

During 2012, I did not put parameters on our project.  As long as the experience is new to Luke and Leah, it is suitable for us to try.  This year, we will probably piggyback on a few of the experiences.  Leah named the trampoline place as her favorite activity, so I’ll look for a few more active experiences for 2013.  Luke can’t stop talking about the Wild West show we went to, so I will look for another theatre experience for us to try.  I really enjoyed our artistic endeavors, so I hope to take the kids to another art museum, sculpture garden, or just try other art projects with them.  Finally, both of the kids asked to try more science experiments, so we will line up a few of them.

2012 will be hard to top, but I think 2013 might wind up being just as exciting and fun.


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8 Responses to Looking Ahead to 2013

  1. Dave says:

    Glad you’re continuing! Confession: am trying my own attempt at 52 Brand New experiences this year – not the blogging, the actual experiences. V. V. Excited!

  2. alison41 says:

    I think you have a wonderful project; your kids are very lucky to have you for a Mom! I’m already looking forward to your further adventures.

  3. smile breathe and go slowly says:

    I found your blog on the tail end of 2012, and am looking forward to what 2013 will bring! you’ve given me some great ideas to pursue with my own kids, who are getting older way too quickly !

  4. Wonderful to hear you’re embarking on another 52 🙂

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