2012 By The Numbers

2012 by the numbers
The year is just about over, so I reviewed our list of 52 New Experiences.  Here’s how our year added up:

52:  Number of New Experiences

26: Exactly half of our New Experiences were free or used items we already had in our house.  Licking 9 volt batteries we had in the house was one of our favorite free experiences.  The kids also loved taking apart an old printer I found for free.

13:  We stayed home for a quarter of our New Experiences.  The kids thought painting like Jackson Pollock was one of the best things we tried at home.

12: A dozen of our New Experiences had us getting a little closer to nature.  The kids said, hands down, their favorite experience in nature was camping in my parents’ backyard.

11:  I was surprised when I counted and saw that 11 of our New Experiences involved food.  We do like to eat in our family!  Even though the focus of the day was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, Luke counts eating at Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn as his favorite food experience.

11:  I enjoy introducing my children to art and theatre, so I was not at all surprised when I counted and saw that 11 of our New Experiences could be considered cultural activities.  Visiting the Grounds for Sculpture was definitely one of my favorite cultural activities this year.

10:  We traveled out-of-state for 10 of our New Experiences.  We took day trips to New York and Pennsylvania and made the most of our trips to my sister’s house in Virginia by visiting Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.  But, our absolute favorite trip out-of-state was our vacation in Arizona where we visited Saguaro National Park.

8:  One or both of my parents joined us for 8 New Experiences.  I love that my children have developed such a close relationship with their grandparents.  Trying new experiences like ice skating and visiting historical sites like Arlington National Cemetery with their grandparents will be memories my children will treasure forever.

6: My children, especially Leah, love science. So, we tried 6 New Experiences that were quasi-scientific.  Putting pennies on a railroad track may not hold up in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, but the kids learned something from it and had fun, too.

6: This is another number that surprised me.  Six of our New Experiences involved animals.  While my children and I respect animals and love them from afar, none of us are “animal people”.  So, I think we should get extra credit for touching a tarantula and other creepy crawlies this year.

6:  Our New Experiences project was designed to bring us closer as a family, but we also involved good friends in 6 of our experiences.  Our Ice Cream Taste Test was definitely one our favorite experiences with friends.

4: We are energetic people, so 4 of our New Experiences focused on being active.  We all enjoyed the indoor trampoline arena so much that we can’t wait to go back!

2:  My ex-husband joined us for two of our New Experiences.  He and I both enjoy supporting our children in their athletic endeavors, so he came to watch Luke and Leah as they participated in their first Kids’ Fun Run.

2:  My nephew, Leo, joined us for two New Experiences.  This number is especially impressive because he was born in 2012.  He was just 6 months old when he came to Baby Loves Disco with us.

1:  My two-year old niece joined us for one New Experience.  Not bad for someone who lives over 200 miles away!  She tagged along during our attempt at the Great Backyard Bird Count.  We hope she’ll try a few more experiences with us in 2013!


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12 Responses to 2012 By The Numbers

  1. aimee says:

    Hi Danielle
    Your wrap up to the 2012 adventures was fun to read. So glad u guys had a great year. Looking forward to reading all about 2013. Hope u r doing well.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Loved following your families adventures in 2012! While I’m not planning 52 brand new activities, you have inspired me to have a family activity each week. I’m hoping most will be new activities, but some will be things the kids just love to do!
    While posting today, I referenced your blog 🙂

  3. I love your breakdown of the year! What fun you had!

  4. nakala1 says:

    Hi, I have been inspired by your blog and have started my own with my own commitment to try 52 Brand New things with my twelve year old son this year. I was despairing really – what to do to try to connect with him – away from the electronic gadgets which I allowed to invade our home. This sounds brilliant. I am very new to this blogging thing so forgive me if I have made some terrible mistake with it all. Certainly open to suggestions and looking forward to developing and achieving our first challenge. We are in Australia so maybe I can share some new and interesting challenges from ‘down under’.

    • 52BrandNew says:

      So happy to have inspired you! I hope you will share whatever you try here. If you are blogging and interested in sharing a post here, let me know 🙂

  5. Wow! Sounds like an incredibly busy year, in the best possible way!

  6. nrhatch says:

    Great wrap up . . . loved the camping in your parents’ backyard post. 😀

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