New Experience #35: Started a Rock Collection

rock collectingOne of the kids found the book Let’s Go Rock Collecting at the library a couple of weeks ago.  We read it at bedtime several times last week and both kids enjoyed it.  It was their idea to start a rock collection as a new experience.

We set out for a short walk in the woods and brought shoe boxes with us.  The kids thought having their own boxes to store their collections was fun.  They didn’t know that their sneaky mama had an ulterior motive in using the boxes.  The shoe box limited the size and amount of rocks they could collect.  rock collecting

The rules of 52 Brand New’s rock collection are:

1. The entire collection must fit in one box

2. The owner is responsible for carrying his/her own rocks.

Rocks can be big, and rocks can be heavy.  For our first rock collecting adventure, we had a specific purpose in mind.  But, as the kids learned in the book, collecting rocks can be done any time, anywhere.  We will surely collect rocks as we hike.  I don’t want my backpack weighed down with lots of them!

rock collectingThe rules came in handy as we collected.  The kids were so excited to begin that they picked up just about every rock they saw.  We took a short break to talk about choosing only the most interesting rocks we can find.  Maybe it has an interesting shape or color.  Perhaps it is smooth or has straight edges.  The little discussion helped the kids limit their choices just a bit.

girl's rock collectionWe collected rocks for about half and hour and wound up with a few dozen rocks in each collection.  One we got home, we had another little discussion.  This time we talked about editing our collections.  Leah had a difficult time with this concept. Every rock in her box was “beautiful”.  One was even “adorable” in her opinion.  She did manage to take out 2 or 3 less than ideal rocks.

The kids scrubbed their rocks and were surprised to find that they looked much different when they were clean.  Some seemed a bit sparkly and others had interesting colors.  We put our rocks back into the boxes for storage.

Rock collecting was a fun new experience.  We’ll be adding to our collections soon!


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4 Responses to New Experience #35: Started a Rock Collection

  1. Gina @famiglia&seoul says:

    My son loves finding rocks anytime that we are out. I’ll have to let him “bath” his rocks and see how they look afterwards and then find a good place for safe keeping!

    • 52BrandNew says:

      I’m sure he will love it! My kids always seemed to love washing things when they were your son’s age. I guess any excuse to play with water is fun!

  2. TBM says:

    I think rocks can be adorable. when I was a kid, I had a rock collection. I wonder what happened to it 🙂 Great idea and good luck!

  3. We love collecting rocks, too. And my kids are equally amazed at how different rocks look when they’re “cleaned up.” Love that your kids were the driving force behind this one.

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