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Kids Co-op
I am so honored to be a part of the Weekly Kid’s Co-op, a place where bloggers can showcase their best ideas to do with children of all ages.  As of this writing, there are 146 links in the collection.  So many good ideas, so little time!
Here are a few activities I know I’ll be trying with Luke and Leah:
Blowing Up a Balloon with Baking Soda and Vinegar:  We’ve done the volcano experiment several times.  Now we’ll follow the directions from Mama’s Little Muse and expand on our knowledge of chemical reactions.
Lego Educational Book:  Luke is just beginning to write stories in school.  Using Legos may interest him enough to write at home, too.  I love the idea of making creative photo books like the ones Quirky Momma made this week on her Kids Activities Blog.
Bird Feeder:  This bird feeder looks like the birds may actually eat it (unlike our sorry excuse for a feeder made out of Cheerios).  Art and Soul Preschool blog gives clear directions on how to make them.
Hope you’ll check out the list of activities in the collection below.  I am sure you will find a great New Experience to try with your child!


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4 Responses to The Weekly Kid’s Co-op

  1. What a sweet blog you have! I love all the “new experiences” you expose your kids to. I have been wanting to take my son to volunteer somewhere for awhile…and also have been wanting to paint something freely on the ground like the Pollock post. Love the inspiration you provide. Thanks for linking to my balloon/baking soda & vinegar post! I am subscribing to your site! I love it!

  2. We did cheerio bird feeders for the first time in class this year too….they are still on the tree completely uneaten. We usually use peanut butter and bird seed on pine cones. We thought that since it was a warm summer the birds had plenty of other sources and the cheerios weren’t tempting enough. Guess it is just that they don’t like cheerios at all!

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