Toy Review: Snap Circuits Jr.

Luke had minor surgery last week, and he cannot run, climb, or play ball for a week.  The stitches he has are nothing compared to the torture of being told he can’t go to the playground or participate in gym class.  I bought him Snap Circuits Jr. as a little consolation prize for the whole experience.  Since I am still a teacher at heart, just about all toys and games I buy have an ulterior motive.  I am a sucker for educational toys.

I was a little worried that Snap Circuits might seem a little too much like a science lesson, but I had no reason to be concerned.  The toy is a big hit!  Luke was still a bit groggy from the anesthesia and did not appear very excited when I first opened the box, but once we created our first circuit that turned on a small lightbulb, he was hooked.  The fan that flies in the air was one of his favorite projects, and he also liked the Space Alien Alarm we made.  We’ve only had the toy for 3 days and have already made at least 10 different projects.  We’ve also repeated his favorite projects several times.

The box states that Snap Circuits Jr. is for ages 8-108, but Luke is 6 years old and understands the basic concepts well.  He has not yet made a project independently, but now that he has experience with the diagrams and understands how the parts hook together, I think he could make some of the projects on his own.   Leah has joined us in making a few of the projects.  She also likes the flying fan project.  I am not sure she understands some of the concepts we have talked about, but she now knows that the circuit must be closed to make the fan move.  Not bad for a four-year old!

Overall, Snap Circuits is well worth the money.  I know that I could buy wires, bulbs, and batteries on my own, but projects would not be nearly as easy for little fingers to construct.  Snap Circuits are so simple for Luke to put together.  The projects are clear and easy to follow.   I highly recommend this toy for any child who is interested in how things work.


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    I hope he feels better. The toy looks fun!

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